Thursday, July 11, 2013

20 years is half my life and long enough!

I have been overweight for 20 years.  Ever since I had my son.

That's exactly half my life.

I've gone up and down in all those years... actually even got half way to my goal weight once and BLAM.... I fell right back into my usual patterns...

I'm an emotion eater.  I get self-destructive when I'm upset... and I use every excuse in the book to cheat.

I'm keeping this blog to try to keep myself on track.  Again.

I decided to try the Belly Fat Cure "diet"... <--- gah! How I hate that word!

I found this fantastic blog where I downloaded a tracker.  See that site HERE.

And to keep myself honest, I'm sharing my tracker each week with you HERE.

Today, is day one.  It's a partial week but I'm going to weigh in on Mondays (it keeps me honest through the weekend -- or at least I like to think it does).

I really only want to lose about 45 lbs-ish then re-assess to see how I feel.  (I think "thicker" girls are sexy. ;) )

Shortly I will be putting up my "before" picture.... god help us all.

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