Friday, July 19, 2013

Sputter, sputter, cough... vrooom!


OK, so yeah, I didn't do my dieting at all.

Truth be told, I've been depressed because I've been unable to get a job. But.... HUZZAH!  I got hired yesterday!! Yay!!

When I'm sad/depressed about something, food is my comfort and self-harm.  I want to do something self-destructive when I'm upset and food is usually my weapon of choice.

BUT! My biggest problem has just resolved itself... and I need to go ahead and move forward with my second "big" problem <---- ha! that's a weight joke!

So, here we go.... I'm gonna start back up on Monday being as my tracker starts on Mondays.  I'll still weigh-in though because that's just gotta happen.

This weekend I'm gonna try to keep the eating to a human level.  ;)


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