Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Last night I realized that on the BFC diet, I could have PIZZA!  2 slices even!

Two slices of pizza, an antipasto salad and 2 tbsp of dressing cost me 4 servings of carbs and about 10 of my sugar allotment for the day.


I went over my sugar intake by about .375.

Not too shabby.

Today I'm doing well, not gonna have pizza again though... making a fish dinner. :)   I'm doing really well with water intake.... though I've yet to hit my gallon goal (that's a LOT of water!)

I am blowing away the "8 glasses a day" rule.... so there's that.  :)  I've had 40 oz so far today. :)

Come on Monday! <--- never thought I'd say THAT!

Let's see what that weigh-in will bring...

Onward and downward,

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